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Our Doctors

Dr. Sanchez

When you come in for a consultation or for treatment he will always offer you only the correct and precise options, following his professional ethics. He has over 15 years of experience. Born in Monterrey Mexico, he obtained his DDS from UANL in Monterrey in the year of 1988. He came to Houston and completed his Dental Education at University of Texas in 1992. He completed his residency in Prosthodontics in 1995. He has been practicing in a Private Dental office ever Since.
Outside his dental office Dr. Angel D. Sanchez loves jogging and enjoys water sports.

“I’ve known Dr. Angel Sanchez for few years, and I know him as a very dedicate and compassionate doctor. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in the dentistry field. He cares a lot for his patients and the community.” -Dr Patricia Riano

Dra. Sanchez

If you have children who have had a bad experience in a dental office, or would like for your children to experience different and happy dental environment, Dr. Aide R. Sanchez is the Dentist to see. When you come in for consultation with Dra. Aide R. Sanchez she will evaluate your child and give you options to treat the patient in a manner that your child will feel comfortable, on winning the child’s trust. She is recommended by mothers that have experienced firsthand her professionalism.
Dr. Aide Rubio Sanchez was born in Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico. In 1990, she graduated for DDS in UANL; also in 1990 she graduated from Pediatric Dentistry. She studied in Pediatric Orthopedic Dentistry and has practiced Pediatric Dentistry for over 15 years. Outside the dental office, she has a great time running; she enjoys watching movies with her family and loves to dance.

“I know Dr. Aide Rubio Sanchez both professionally & personally. I am a pediatric dentist, and from my professional standpoint, Dr. Sanchez is a dedicated dentist who is very devoted to her patients, always looking out for her patient’s best interest in their dental health. She is very passionate at what she does, always providing excellent care to her patients. Dr. Sanchez is a compassionate and caring person. She is very friendly, willing to help others who are in need.” -Dr. Maribel Colon-Torrado, DMD

Dr. Jessica Baez

When you come to our clinic and see Dr. Jessica Baez, you will always have a clear understanding of the dental treatment you need. She is very precise and professional in her dental work. She attends both children and adults, if you have any questions regarding about your gums and implants, she will be the correct person to ask! Dr. Jessica Baez was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and graduated in dentistry from the University of Costa Rica in 1996. In the year of 2001 she came to the United States and did an Advanced Education in General Dentistry graduated from the University of Connecticut. From 2002-2005 she got accepted into a residency program of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and received her Master’s in Science and her specialty in Periodontics, which is the area of dentistry that diagnosis, prevents and treats gum disease.Outside the Dental office Dr. Jessica Baez enjoys getting a massage, reading books, Yoga and loves to travel all over the world.